The street database with geo-referencing. 
Longitude and latitude for every street in Germany.

Always up-to-date. Complete. Correctly formatted.

We provide geo-referencing for all German streets (at the centre of the roadway).

  • perfect base data, updated daily
  • all German streets and roadways
  • house number ranges for demarcation
  • all longitudes and latitudes zeroed in on the centre of the roadway
  • simple data format (.csv)

High-quality, correct data is our greatest asset. Easily check your customer data quickly and easily with our street and city indexes. We offer not only the highest quality, but also an optimal price/performance ratio.




The Geo.Street database is the complete basis for your system. Our database contains all streets with GPS coordinates centred on the middle of the roadway in postal code order and formatted correctly per postal service standards.

  • More than 1.2 million street names including house number ranges
  • Almost 40,000 postal codes, with cities and streets
  • More than 12,500 names of municipalities, districts, and states
  • Street and city names assigned using community identification numbers
  • Community identification numbers for all municipalities
  • Annual updates
  • Data can be provided in special formats and structured individually on request

Potential applications:

  • Address and location verification
  • Import of current postal codes, cities, and local districts into your system
  • Postal code search by state/district
  • Geomarketing and GIS applications

Your advantages:

  • Best value for the money on the market
  • Data always current, updated monthly
  • Standard formats for easy import into your IT system
  • Easy contact and quick help with problems

File structure

  • ID
  • community identification numbers
  • municipality
  • state
  • district
  • city
  • localisation
  • street
  • postal code
  • house number
  • house number type (even/odd)
  • government district
  • region
  • local district
  • longitude
  • latitude


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